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Our Process for creating amazing smile makeovers in Marbella
Optional Supplementary Services)

Below is a detailed explanation of our process for an aesthetic treatment plan.  

Please note in this document we refer extensively to ‘veneers’, but the principles apply almost universally to ‘dental crowns’ and ‘dental bridges’ as well, whether they be over natural teeth or dental implants.  

1. Aesthetic Consultation

Professional photos of your teeth, smile and face, and an initial analysis and explanation of concepts by our resident cosmetic dentist in Marbella, Dr. Hami Eghdamian.  The clinic will then arrange a general dental check up with one of our general dentists, and a cleaning with our hygienist, so the mouth is confirmed to be healthy prior to proceeding with the aesthetic treatment plan.

2. Aesthetic Study Report & Accompanying Documents

A detailed report is emailed to the patient about important considerations personalised to their case.  We outline in great detail important concepts about aesthetic dentistry to consider, and the patient writes a detailed description of what they wish to achieve.  Initial considerations about colour are also taken into account, and throughout each step of the process we return to this document so that the patient can provide their consent for us to proceed to the next step.  A full and detailed price estimate of the treatment is also presented.

3. Aesthetic Outcome Statement

Upon considering the desires of the patients, and seeing what is realistic in their case and why, Dr. Hami will draw up this statement which will be mutually agreed upon by both him and the patient, and this is a signed consent of our joint desired outcome.

4. Digital Wax Up (1-2 weeks to design and make)

Impressions or a 3D scan of the upper and lower teeth are taken to make a digital wax up of the design we desire.  The patient can review this design (optional) prior to it being printed, and consent for us to have the lab print the design.

Optional Supplementary Service: 

Should the patient wish to try multiple designs in their mouth, we can prepare additional Digital Wax Up’s at a reduced cost of 195€ per additional arch (upper and lower charged separately), and 95€ per try-in session/per arch.






5. Mock Up in the Mouth (can be tried once wax up is ready)

A 3D printed model of the final shape of the veneers will be printed and provisionally placed over the patients teeth in a plastic composite material, so they may get a vision of what their final shape will look like.  This will not be possible in all cases, or over all the teeth, as teeth that are sticking out too much now, will poke through the mock up.  If the patient wishes they may even arrange with the clinic to wear this design over their teeth for up to 24 hours to show their family and friends and to accustom themselves to the design.  The next day we will then remove them off their teeth, and the patient may provide us with any further feedback they may have.  Once the patient is happy with the general proportions of this mock up they sign to give us their consent to continue.

6. Preparation of the upper teeth (can be done once mock up is approved)

This is typically a long appointment where we create on the teeth the necessary space the master ceramist needs to make the veneers.  We will then take a series of impressions of their prepared teeth and the master ceramist uses this as his model for creating the veneers.  We will then make a set of provisional veneers that are roughly based on the mock up.  As the provisional veneers 

are hand-made and hand-polished, they vary a little each time we make them, and so it is important to know that the provisional veneers are only an approximate guide (say 80% similar to) as to the proportions the final veneers will have.  The provisional veneers will also usually be closer to the colour of the final veneers, so the patient's eye may grow accustomed to the brighter shade, and they may, for example, in the first day or two following having them in their mouth, suggest to us that they want their final shade to be a little whiter or yellower than the colour of their provisionals.  

The patient can also see us in the proceeding days after having had their provisional veneers placed, to suggest to us minor changes in the form of their veneers, which we can convey to the master ceramist.  If a patient feels that more major changes are needed we can also do this but it would require us to go back a couple of steps, and to create a new digital wax up and mock up, and this would incur the additional costs of these optional supplementary services.  

7. Bonding of the upper veneers (approx. 2 weeks after prep)

In about two to three weeks' time once the upper veneers are ready, we have another long appointment where we remove the provisionals and clean the teeth, and then we try on the veneers firstly to make sure that the fit is good.  Once we are happy in this regard we will then place the veneers over the teeth with a cement try-in paste that is the exact same colour as the actual cement paste (but it’s not actually a cement), and the patient is able to assess the aesthetics with a mirror to give us their approval to cement them permanently.  If the patient is not sure about our suggestion for the shade of cement to use, we can do a trial with different shades, and even place half of the veneers in one shade, and half in another so the patient can see the subtle differences. 

Optional Supplementary Service: 

For those patients that are still not sure about how they feel about their final veneers, and want time to think about it, we offer a supplementary service where we place the veneers on their teeth, and take a series of photos, and the patient can review these photos over the course of a few days to decide if they are happy with the final aesthetic result, or if they wish to make any changes by having them sent back to the lab.  We would then remove the veneers off the teeth and fabricate a new set of provisionals.  Some people ask if they can have their veneers provisionally cemented and they go home with these, and the answer is no, because veneers only achieve their actual strength when they are bonded to the teeth properly, otherwise they may break. 

If a patient wishes to purchase this supplementary service it entails a cost of 395€ per arch (upper and lowers charged separately).  Most of our patients don’t need this additional service, but every individual must know themselves well enough to know how comfortable they are in making an irreversible decision at the moment of try-in or not, because once the veneers are cemented only very minor changes can be made (e.g. polishing down certains tips and edges of the veneered teeth etc), and if they then decide they don’t like the veneers they will have to start the process from scratch, incurring the full costs of a new treatment.  So as a courtesy to our patients we provide this additional optional service.  Some patients choose to purchase this ahead of time, and others may decide to purchase it on the day of try-in if they are not yet sure about approving the veneers for cementation.









8. Preparation of the lower veneers (can be done as soon as the next day after the upper veneers are cemented)

Same as step 6.

9. Bonding of the lower veneers (approx. 2 weeks after prep)

Same as step 7.

10. Final bite adjustment and photos (1+ days later)

In the proceeding days to finishing the case, we will assess the bite one more time to make sure the bites’ contact points are even, as the patient can give us more accurate feedback after having grown accustomed to the new bite over a few days, and also given that they won’t have anaesthetic in their mouth, they can report back more accurately on how their bite feels.  

We will then take a series of close up photos of the teeth, both for our library of cases on our website and social media, as well as to document the result for the future, should the patient have an accident, for example, and they break a tooth, we would have photos of the design of the veneers to help us replicate any replacements, should they be necessary.

We also provide as a complimentary gift to our patients an optional photoshoot where patients can wear their favourite clothes, and do their makeup and hair if they wish to, and then we would take a series of headshots, that the patient can use for their social media/business profile, or other, and if you feel comfortable with giving us permission we would also display any headshots on our social media and website, but this choice is left to the discretion of each patient.

Regular follow up visits

We then encourage all our patients to come in for their 6 monthly check ups with one of our general dentists, and to get regular cleanings with our hygienist (whether that be every 6 months for a standard patient, or every 3 months for patients with a history of gum disease).  The long-term stability of the outcome is determined by both regular check ups and cleanings, as well as by how well a patient is brushing and flossing their teeth at home, and the avoidance of certain habits like not over-grazing on sugary foods.  Patients prescribed a bite splint to control their bite forces must also wear this habitually to ensure a successful long-term outcome.



Disclaimer: Please note that this is a general overview of our average process but it is customised to each individual case.  For example, sometimes we prep the upper and lower teeth on two consecutive days and cement the veneers, likewise, on two consecutive days.  Also, sometimes we do not draft an aesthetic outcome statement if we feel there is already a clear understanding between the cosmetic dentist and the patient, so as to not unnecessarily belabour a point.  However, in the majority of instances the above process is the one that is exactly observed.

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