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Marbella's Natural Veneer Specialist

Avoid a Fake Veneer Disaster that you have to re-do!


'Dr. Hami is an absolute artist and the most talented cosmetic dentist out there. I have been seeing Dr Hami for years and come down to Marbella from London just to see him and the lovey team at R&H clinic. He did 10 porcelain veneers for me and completely transformed my smile. They are so natural looking and beautiful

- I couldn’t be happier...'

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Natural, stunning veneers, by Marbella's best cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hami from New Zealand.  Additionally, we have Marbella's largest gallery of beautiful before and after veneer photos. 


Avoid a fake veneer disaster through a design that works in harmony with your face; and translucent, hand-made veneers, that don't look opaque, lifeless and fake!

Send me detailed info on the process,
pricing guidelines & timescale...

Get This / & Avoid This!

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